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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

How to Use for Camping:

  • Place 5 Eco Nuts in provided wash bag.

  • Leave the bag to soak in a bucket of water in the sun until water is warm, then agitate thoroughly. Alternately, if a hose is available, simply spray the bag with the hose under pressure in the bucket.

  • Remove Bag, hang to dry for future re-use. This water can be used for clothing and dishes, equipment, RVs, boats, cars, and washing yourself!

  • The Eco Nuts can be reused until they start to disintegrate (up to 10 uses)

More Tips:

Use Eco Nuts To Wash: Dishes Clothes Equipment Tents Wetsuits Lifejackets Boats RV/Campers People Pets

Boil water for clothes that would normally be laundered in hot water and simply add the wash bag to soak once water has started to cool. Place clothes in the water gently and agitate using tongs, walking staff, or a stick to avoid burns. Wait until the water has cooled before removing clothing to dry. If time does not allow for the water to cool then use tongs or a stick to remove the clothes. Hang clothing on tree branches, shrubs, or a clothesline to dry.

If you are camping with little gear, you can dig a pit or locate a shallow spot that is deep and wide enough to accommodate your uses. Line the pit with a plastic tarp if available and fill with water and the bag of Eco Nuts™ and follow directions above. The water is safe to pour onto the ground.

The bag can also be used in laundry machines – simply toss the bag with the Eco Nuts™ in the washer with your clothes and wash as usual. Be sure to not overfill the machine as the bag works best with more agitation. Remove the bag to hang dry and re-use for your next load. Refer to the laundry page on this site for more information.

Concentrated cleaning solution: To make a small batch while camping: Bring water to a boil and carefully remove from heat. Soak the Eco Nuts™ in the wash bag, allow to cool, then funnel the water into a spray or squeeze bottle. This solution can be used on your hair and body, clothing stains, dishes, and equipment.

Wet Suit and Lifejacket wash:

Put five Eco Nuts™ in the wash bag and put in a glass of warm water and let soak for five minutes. Add the water and the bag (or a teaspoon of Eco Nuts™ liquid concentrate) to your washtub or bucket and agitate the suit. Rinsing thoroughly is recommended to get the sand out. Dry normally by hanging. Alternately you can place the bag in a bucket and use pressure spray on the hose to fill the bucket to agitate the bag and release the soap.

Helpful Tips:

  • Eco Nuts™ work better with more agitation.

  • Eco Nuts™ are low-sudsing but high in cleaning power.

  • Eco Nuts™ release more saponin in warmer water, so if your clothes are especially soiled, make sure you use the warmest water available.

  • Use the leftover water to water plants. Eco Nuts™ are environmentally safe and are completely biodegradable. Eco Nuts™ can be composted.

  • Eco Nuts™ have some mild bug repellent qualities.

  • Eco Nuts™ while not poisonous, are not edible, either.

  • The recycled packaging, can, in a pinch, be used as kindling.


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