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Q: I’ve heard of something called Soap Nuts/Soap Berries. Is this the same thing?

A. Soap nuts is the generic term for the berry our products are made with. Contrary to popular belief, a “soap nut” is not a nut at all but a berry that is dried to a hard exterior and resembles an acorn. Eco Nuts has become a widely recognized brand name for soap nut-based products and is a bestselling USA brand. Eco Nuts are high in quality and cleaning power because in addition to our proprietary sorting and handling process, we also only use a particular variety and size. Our proprietary sorting process also ensures consistency in shape and texture that makes Eco Nuts pleasant and easy to use. Because we lovingly and carefully hand package in the USA, we can also eliminate individualized plastic wrapping otherwise required by customs. If you ever find that your package of Eco Nuts is unsatisfactory we will gladly refund your money or send you a new box. Our money-back satisfaction guarantee also covers our promise that you will get the number of loads we claim on the box. We have an awesome customer care team with experts in laundry science eager to help you make the most of your washing experience. To read more about soap nuts, check our “What Are Soap Nuts” page or this Info page here with lots more information and recipes.

Q: Do your laundry products work in a front-loading or High Efficiency (HE) machines? A: Absolutely! They are low sudsing and high in cleaning power. Just put the wash bag directly into your machine with the rest of your clothes. Having problems? Check out our troubleshooting guide.

Q: OMG I accidentally put the bag with Eco Nuts into the dryer! Are they still usable? A: Yes! Never fear – continue use as normal

Q: Is this a berry or a nut or fruit or what? A: If you want to get technical, it is actually a drupe – a fruit in which an outer fleshy part surrounds a pit or large seed. The Chinese soapberry tree is closely related to lychees. In the case of Eco Nuts, we have removed the inner seed for you. Other plants that produce drupes are coffee, mangoes, cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums.

Q: I have nut allergies, are these safe? A: It is safe for people with nut allergies because it’s a fruit and not a nut (though they definitely resemble nuts!)Many people with severe nut allergies have used Eco Nuts with no problems or reactions. While Eco Nuts has been a terrific solution for many customers with skin allergies and other conditions, people who have many allergies or compromised immune systems should always take proper precautions and first wash one small item in a small container or sink OR do a patch test before washing an entire load in the washing machine.

Q: How do these work exactly? A: Eco Nuts contain an all-natural chemical called saponin that acts as a surfactant. The saponin is released from the berry when it is agitated in water. Regular detergents also contain a manmade, chemical surfactant. Surfactants work by breaking the surface tension of the water so it better penetrates cloth fibers. The agitation made by your laundry machine shakes the dirt loose and the saponin holds it in the water until it is rinsed away. To learn more about surfactants, check out our blog post.

Q: Because the bag is in the machine for the whole wash, even the rinse cycle, is that okay? Are my clothes being washed twice? A: In the rinse cycle, Eco Nuts release very little saponin since the rinse cycle is cooler water. That small amount of saponin acts as a natural fabric softener, making your clothes soft and fluffy without heavy residue buildup like other fabric softeners.

Q: Can I use bleach with these? A: Sure! We recommend something non-toxic. Keep in mind that standard bleach deteriorates fabrics through oxidation causing them to wear out sooner. Another Eco-friendly way of bleaching is by putting your articles out in the sun.

Q: I have some things to wash that say not to use fabric softener on them. Can I wash them in Eco Nuts? You can use these to wash clothes that say not to use fabric softeners. Eco Nuts acts as a fabric softener but they work differently. Regular fabric softeners work by depositing a waxy residue on the fabric which blocks the moisture pathways for technical fabrics and can interfere with the wicking ability to draw sweat away from the skin. The natural fabric softening abilities for our Eco Nuts products are different and occur because the natural cleaner Saponin doesn't work the same way. Instead of softening with a residue it opens up fibers which keeps them absorbent, so they feel softer and fluffier. If you prefer, Eco Nuts Soap Nuts can be used with other detergents as a just a fabric softener. Eco Nuts do not contain any kind of waxes or oils – it’s a diaper-safe and tech fabric-safe fabric softener. It is important to note our products have been tested and used on many performance fabrics and have not caused the issue, but because of the enormous range of different technical fabrics and constant new developments in this area, it has not been tested on all types. Q: How do I store Eco Nuts?

A: Make sure they are kept in a cool, dry place away from any moisture. Tupperware, vacuum seal or airtight containers are great for long-term storage. Q: There are some berry halves in here. Are those okay to use and will they still work? A: Yes, you can use them! The saponin is contained in the skin of the berry so any sized piece will still release saponin. There are some companies that only offer whole berries but we don’t see why any should go to waste, which is why when it goes through our hand-sorting process we allow some halves to get through and we judge on size and weight. The berries are slit open during the pitting/drying process so sometimes the whole berries break in two. When measuring for your bag, simply take two halves to equal a whole! The pieces can also be re-used – same as the whole berries.

Q: Do I need to use hot or warm water or can I wash in cold water? A: We encourage you to read the labels on your garments and linens and wash them with the recommended temperature of the fabric. Eco Nuts Soap Nuts will work in any temperature water. Hot water will release more saponin. Sometimes in very cold water they will not release enough soap to really clean clothes, so in those cases we recommend making “tea” by placing the bag with the nuts into a cup of hot water and letting it sit up to 10 minutes, then add both the water and bag directly into the drum of the machine. Alternatively you can use our liquid detergent if you only wish to do cold water washing, which is formulated to work in a wider range of water conditions. You can read more on hot water vs cold water in our blog post here. In cases of very soiled garments, it’s a good idea to wash on warmer water temperatures as that will not only aid in the release of more soap, but the release of soil from clothes as well.

Q: How do I tell when the Eco Nuts are used up? A: There are a few ways to tell when the nuts are used up. A disintegrated soap nut won’t look like it did originally. It will be thin, light colored and falling apart and will resemble floppy/broken peanut shells. It may also crunch or break apart when you squeeze it (if dry).


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