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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a very important thing to do, yet it’s one of those things that is usually either overlooked or not done regularly.

Every time you use your brush, bits of makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria collect in the bristles. Re-using this brush over time without cleaning can lead to breakouts. And let’s face it – makeup brushes can be pricey. Washing your makeup brushes can be an easy part of your regular beauty routine, and if you take care of your brushes, they can last a lifetime.

Wash your brushes at least once a week. You can wash your brushes after you are done using them or at night, and allow them to dry overnight so they’re dry and ready for the next day.

You will need:

  • A cup or shallow bowl

  • Soap Nuts or Soap Nuts liquid*

  • Your sink

  • A lint- free cloth

*You don’t’ have to buy a pricey Makeup shampoo – it’s easy to clean your makeup brushes the natural way with soap nuts liquid! I used Eco Nuts Liquid Laundry Soap for this but you can easily make your own Soap Nuts Liquid here.

1. Begin by running your brushes under lukewarm water in your sink, rinsing out as much residual makeup as you can. Try to focus on the actual bristles but not the metal part that holds the bristles on. This metal part contains a glue that holds the bristles to the handle. Getting this part wet can loosen the glue over time.

2. Add some of your soap nuts liquid to a shallow cup or bowl with some water. I added just a drop of the Eco Nuts liquid, if you use homemade soap nuts liquid you may have to use a little bit more. Swirl the brush tip in the water.

3. Rinse out your brushes with lukewarm water under the sink faucet. Gently squeeze out the excess water either with your fingers or by using a towel to gently blot. Then make sure each brush is smoothed out into its original shape. Lay your brushes on a towel flat to dry overnight.


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